DIY Banners To Use For Halloween

Halloween is the favorite time of year for many people. Who doesn’t love dressing up as a cartoon character or superhero? It is also a time for parties and gatherings with friends and family. What better way to decorate your home than with Halloween banners that you made yourself. The following banners are easy to make, and you probably already have most of the supplies on hand.

Happy Halloween

It does not get any better than a Happy Halloween banner designed in traditional black and orange. This banner is completed with a shortlist of supplies and will be ready to be hung in no time at all.

Supply List

3/4 yard of burlap

Stencils or preprinted letters

Black acrylic paint if using stencils

Orange acrylic paint for the dots or orange dots

Glue or fray stop

Black or natural color cord



1. Cut the burlap into 14 rectangles cut with two points at the bottom. One the rectangles are cut, at the letters with stencils and paint or attach the preprinted letters. Use the fray stop or glue to stop the fraying of the rectangles. Allow the letters to dry. Add orange dots for an added touch

2. Decide if you are going to make one long banner or two smaller banners and cut the cording accordingly. A shorter banner will require approximately 9 feet of cord but a longer banner will need approximately 12 feet of cord.

3. Attach the letters to the cord by gluing the edge of the rectangles over the cord to the back of the rectangle.

4. Hang the banner

Scary skulls

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few scary skulls and pumpkins. This banner is made in the same manner as the Happy Halloween banner. However, a bit more artistic skill may be needed.

Supply List

Burlap – the amount will depend on how many skulls you make

Jute, string, or cording

Acrylic paints in black, orange, and other colors of choice


Pencil, ruler, and scissors


1. Start by cutting out burlap into 8″ X 10″ rectangles or any size that you desire. Cut out as many as you like to complete your banner. Don’t forget to cut the bottom into a triangle to create that banner look.

2. Add the skulls to the rectangles. This can be done freehanded, stencils, and even iron-on transfers. Embellish with the acrylic paints. Allow to dry.

3. Attach the skulls in the same fashion as the letters from the Happy Halloween banner and hang.

Orange and black bat banner

After pumpkins, witches, and ghosts no Halloween is complete without bats. You may choose to get help from older kids to make this one.

Supply List

Black and orange cardstock


Pen or pencil

Hole punch

Wire connector coils and cutter


1. Either freehand bats onto the cardstock, use a stencil, or use a printer to print out a bat pattern. Consider making anywhere from 20 to 40 bats. Cut bats out.

2. Punch holes into the wings.

3. Make spirals with the connector coils by wrapping them around a pen or pencil. Make the spirals between 8 and 10 inches.

4. Attach the spirals to the bat wings to connect all of the bats.

5. Once all of the bats are connected, hang the banner.

Rest In Peace

Tombstones and Halloween go hand in hand. The tombstones will take longer to create than the other banners, but the outcome is amazing.

Supply List


Black foam core 32″X 40″

Acrylic paint in white

2 cans of chalkboard paint

White Sharpie oil paint pen

Paintbrushes and foam brushes

X-Acto Knife

Waterproof clear grip adhesive

Wet wipes and other cleaning supplies


1. Enlarge a tombstone and print. Attach the pieces together, cut out the border, place on the foam core, and cut out the tombstone. Cover the front, back, and edges with the chalkboard paint. Dry.

2. Paint the edges with the white paint. Add sayings to the tombstones with the Sharpie. Seal with the waterproof sealer.

3. Punch holes in the tombstone to hang or place in the ground for special effects.