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Cheek Pad History

The Cheek-n-Stock cheek pad idea came about while target shooting at our local gun club. Having shot a number of rounds with my .308 target rifle I commented to a friend, shooting a .300 Winchester Mag., that it would be nice to have a cushioned pad to help alleviate that tender spot under the cheek. He agreed whole heartedly.
I found a preformed rubber cheek pad that attached using adhesive. I decided to design my own cheek pad. After consulting my gunsmith, as well as other shooters, it was agreed that my design would work for all types of shooting sports. The final product had to be sleek in design and not detracting. Comfort was important, meaning the use of only top quality soft leather. Installation and removal had to be easy, allowing for ease of cleaning and polishing. After weeks of design and redesign, along with testing and input from shooters, we settled on the offered product.

Care of Cheek Pads

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