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A cushioned cheek pad made from top quality fine leathers measuring approx. 5.75 " in length from front to rear.  A complete wrap around design utilizing Velcro strips which makes it easily attached and removed. No glues or adhesives required due in part to the natural high friction quality of the finished leather against the finished stock. This plus the fit, greatly reduces slippage.  Left and right hand version are available.  Offered in black, dark brown and tobacco tan.  Please note, the colors can vary slightly due to the dyeing process at the tannery. 
Great care is taken in manufacturing this product.

Standard pad height is approx. 1/8" to 1/2".  Pads with more height can be made on a Special Order basis as well as pads made to a customers specs.  Ask for details and pricing.

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Trademark of Yb Productions

Care of Cheek Pads

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